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102294 Dell Precision T7500 2x QC X5570/48Gb/240SSD/2Tb HDD/GTX 970 4GB

102294 102294 Dell Precision T7500 2x QC X5570/48Gb/240SSD/2Tb HDD/GTX 970 4GB

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Met de dubbele Xeon Processor heeft u virtueel de beschikking over 16 processoren. Met 48Gb in Triple Channel heeft u zeer snel werkend geheugen.

Systeem is uit te breiden met vele opties, informeer naar de mogelijkheden!

Ook voor de zwaardere teken/reken pakketten geschikt.

Dell Precision T7500 48Gb Ram 240Gb SSD 2Tb HDD

- 2x Intel Xeon Quad Core Intel X5570 2.93-3.33Ghz - 16 Threads
- 48Gb Ram PC3 Reg ECC 6 x 8GB
- 240 Gb Samsung Enterprise SSD - Data Center SSD
- 2 Tb Harddisk 7200 rpm
- DVD-Rom
- Videokaart GTX-970 4 GB +3 x DisplayPort  + HDMI + DVI-I
- Gigabit Lan
- Windows 7 Professional NL of UK 64 bit + licentie
- Refurbished met 2 jaar garantie

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Andere uitbreidingen met meerprijs:

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- extra 2 TB Harddisk --> € 70,-
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- Windows 10 Professional NL/UK 64 bit + installatie + licentie --> € 39,-

Vraag naar meerprijs bij snellere processoren!

More about the Dell Precision T7500:

Next generation Six-Core processors include Intel’s Quick Path Technology which provides quality, high-speed interconnects between the individual cores to utilize the most of each one, rather than the old standard of a Front-Side Bus (FSB). The Dell T7500 workstation utilizes up to 192GB of DDR3 memory, running at 1333MHz to keep up with Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) prevalent in 5600 series processors. With any large data sets, data redundancy is always a concern. With up to 10TB of storage on five 2TB drives, the PERC 6/i PCIe RAID card supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 10 for peace of mind.

With T7500 solutions up to 6GB of graphics memory, 10TB of logical space, 192GB memory, and a total of twelve processing cores, this is a workstation that can truly stand the test of time. Whether you’re editing high-definition video, crunching numbers, or browsing the internet, the Dell Precision T7500 workstation makes sure you’ll be productive far longer that you’d like!

Dell Precision T7500 Specs:

• Brand: Dell
• Product Line: Precision
• Product Type: Workstation
• Form Factor: Minitower
• Processors: Up to 2x Quad / Hex-Core Intel Xeon 55xx or 56xx Series Processors
• Processor Cache: 12MB
• Memory: Fully Expandable up to 192GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC Registered DIMM memory
• Hard Drives: Up to 5 internal drives
• Maximum Internal Storage: Up to 10.0TB
• Graphics: Supports up to 2 Gen 2 PCIe x 16 Graphic Cards up to 225W




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