Webshop » ZBook 15/17 Refurb » 102327 HP ZBook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation G2 i7-4610M 2.9-3.6GHz 8GB K2100M 180GB SSD W10Pro

102327 HP ZBook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation G2 i7-4610M 2.9-3.6GHz 8GB K2100M 180GB SSD W10Pro

102327 102327 HP ZBook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation G2 i7-4610M  2.9-3.6GHz 8GB K2100M 180GB SSD W10Pro

€ 449,00 inclusief BTW

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HP ZBook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation i7 3.0-3.7GHz K2100M 

Creativity knows no limits on HP’s thin and light HP ZBook 15, the world’s best-selling mobile workstation.
3 Now in its third generation, this powerful performer offers an exciting blend of mobility and robust configurability.
Work anywhere and be confident the power you need is at your fingertips on our most versatile mobile workstation.
It’s the perfect mix of style, features, and portability.
The improved feature set now includes support for up to 4 active displays. Furthermore, high resolution monitors of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels can now be connected using DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 1.4a if available. HD-Audio codecs, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, can be transmitted via bitstream mode through the HDMI port. However, as most laptops will feature Optimus, the integrated GPU will likely have direct control over the display ports and may limit the feature set available by the Nvidia Kepler cards.

The NVIDIA Quadro K2100M is a DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.3 compatible graphics card for mobile workstations. It is a Kepler-based GPU built on the GK106 chip with 576 out of 960 shader cores activated and is manufactured in 28nm at TSMC. The Quadro K2100M is built for the Intel Shark Bay generation (Haswell) and is a successor to the Quadro K2000M (Chief River platform). As a new feature, PCIe 3.0 is supported for the first time. The K2100M usually comes with 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM clocked at 750 MHz (3000 MHz effective, 48.0 GB/s). 


HP Zbook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation:

Intel i7-4610M 3.0-3.7GHz.
Intel HD4600
Quadro K2100M
180 GB SSD Intel Enterprise 
15 inch TFT 1920x1080
Windows 10 Professional NL + licentie en installatie 
Gebruikt/lichte gebruikerssporen
Garantie 2 jaar

Mogelijke opties:

- naar Windows 10 Pro UK(Engels) > € 35,00
- naar Windows 7 Pro NL of UK > € 29,00

- van 8 naar 16GB RAM > € 49,00
- van 8 naar 32GB RAM > € 129,00

- SSD 400 GB Intel Enterprise + bracket i.p.v. 180GB --> € 29,-    
- SSD 500 GB Intel Enterprise + bracket i.p.v. 180GB --> € 79,-
HP Docking Station zonder voeding > € 24,95 
Voeding voor HP Docking Station 230 Watt > € 39,95 

- extra jaar garantie (voor 3 jaar) --> € 50,00
- extra 2 jaar garantie (voor 4 jaar) --> € 90,00
- extra 3 jaar garantie (voor 5 jaar) --> € 125,00

Genoemde prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.




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